spatial intervention

The intervention is made of linear and planar elements put into an abandoned house in Becej, Yugoslavia. Those elements questioned the semantics of built architectural space.




The intervention is viewed from several points:
- Space - Ideology ... built space as 3D projection of the society;
- House - Sign ... by adding noise to the built structure I question its basic semantics.
- House - Text ... viewing the house as the palimpsest, a multilayered text with the possibility to write further.
- House - Center ... positioning the house as the new town center by condensing the urban tissue in the center of the town. The house with the intervention is now the most dense space in town.
- House - Myth ... This house is a sort of a myth because of its history and emptiness. I try to break and build new myths.
- House - Simulation ... The whole intervention is simulated in a gallery with screen pictures.


  ©   2005   Aleksandar Macasev