an ambience set-up

An ambient consisting of wallpaper with human outline patterns and social-realism style furniture. Visitors are invited to draw the features onto the human outlines on the wallpaper. In filling in the blank outlines, people project their own vision of idols, politicians, stars or just themselves. They create a complex society map and childish fun turns out to be serious business. Be careful what you wish for and whom you choose as an idol. Sloba (Slobodan Milošević) didn't fall from Mars. He was created by the Serbian people.
Postcards with the same pattern are offered so you can distribute your idol around.

The work is a part of “Lose Yourself”, an exhibition curated by Gordana Stanišić and Sava Ristović for the Gallery of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade. 14th December 2005 - 5th January 2006

















  ©   2005   Aleksandar Macasev