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adZ [v 2.00] is a web art work made in the form of a simulation of a commercial web page!
concept: AdZ is a web page which deals with phenomenon of advertising. It is a simulation of a common commercial web page, but articulated in a rather "cold" visual code. You can find all the usual elements: head, scrolling message, button links that lead to products and the banner of a sponsor. But in this case, the web page advertises ads. AdZ treats four basic categories of the advertising today: time, perception, entropy and gaze.

TIME > Time is one of the most important factors in contemporary advertising.
PERCEPTION > Today, human visual perception is trained mostly through brief visual images. Where is the limit of brevity? Can we simplify infinitely? Do we need a booster for perception? This is all because of the cost of broadcasting time.
ENTROPY > A theory says that the degree of entropy is reduced through the use of digital media. Analogue systems have been a better basis for entropy. Is this true? Can we reduce the information noise? All that for the sake of more efficient information reception!
GAZE > The consumer's gaze is almighty, autocratic, agrressive. There is only a one-way gaze. What if not?

All the ads in this web page use the advertising meta-language. They speak about advertising strategies and deal with problems of commercial representations and consuming. AdZ tries to push the limits to the point of absurdity, to deconstruct advertising codes, using common visual representations and elements.

Ad>1 COUNTDOWN AND SONS - is an ad for an agency that counts time. This particular ad counts the rest of the consumer's life. Time is measured in frames - life represented as a succession of the particles of film. The consumer spends his last seconds in counting time to the end. Blackened screen - the consumer is dead. Agency's logo appears after the consumer's death - the target group is the dead people.
Ad>2 PERCEPTION BOOSTER - is an ad for a drug that boosts perception. Contemporary media has become unreadable and too fast for the common speed of human perception, so we need a booster!
Ad3> MAXWELL'S DEMON - is an ad for a famous Maxwell's demon that reduces degree of the entropy without loss of energy. The company that sells the demon is Thomas P (Thomas Pinchon!).
Ad4> RETURNED GAZE - is a campaign that warns you of the danger of the returned gaze. It treats the problem of voyeurism and the omnipotence of the consumer's gaze. It is also connected to a Lacanian idea of the impossibility of a spectator to catch its own gaze.

An addition to the whole problem of the advertizing is the sponsor's banner. The banner leads you to another banner that advertises a porn site in a quite non-seductive and cold way. It leads you to the final content: exploration of the female body (and the body of art too). As you explore the body with your cursor, you find the active link on the nipple that is already touched by the other woman. (The cursor turns into a hand and you have the feeling of actual touching!). Pressing the link leads you to a proclamation (taken from the Windows 98 operating system) which forbids consuming of the female body through the media. Link "details" leads you to an explanation and it targets your conscience. Link "close" returns you to an index page of the adZ. The whole concept is an illustration of the absurdity of web pornography. It also points out the frustrating feeling and the essential impossibility of contact with the object of desire, no matter how interactive representation is. The skin is the surface of the computer monitor (the object) and the touching hand is the "computer's hand" (the subject's prothetic hand). Frustration becomes deeper when we realize the true schizofrenic split between our hand and the gaze. Our actual hand is on the mouse, but we see it acting on the screen. The hand performs the action. True action is moving mouse and clicking and the simulated action is touching the desired object. Our true action is split from our gaze.

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