........Unstable portrait of Joseph Goebbels 2004


Besides the Catholic church , which used quite elaborate principles in its counter reformation campaign, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda, was the first to form principles of contemporary propaganda. The principles, used at first only for the purposes of war and politics, are now involved in total mass communication. In this present moment one cannot tell the difference between means of propaganda, advertising, entertainment, or education. All of these mass communication activities actually deal with selling of some sort of ideology. The methods employed are the same - manipulating with great variety of the feelings of the target audience. The world has become a ground for a huge communication network where there is no difference between selling soap, ideology, good feelings or politicians. The only activity that resists this is contemporary art. Art still has its throne as a sublime thing, having a rather low communication profile. It is not that art ever had to compete with the other communication disciplines, but the situation on the global market is such that now it has to. If you are not good enough (or entertaining enough) you will not be bought. Contemporary art has become boring.

"The big brother is not watching anymore. He is singing and dancing." "Lullaby" - Chuck Palahniuk


In this work (quite arbitrary and freely) are used quotations, audio and visual material from: Bill Bernbach, Microsoft corp., Adolph Hitler, David Ogilvy, American Film Association, Marilyn Manson, World Information.org, Marlene Dietrich, Bob Fosse and of course Joseph Goebbels.

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