........Sponsor 2000


Sponsor is a web art work that examines mass media representations of the body, pornography and desire.! It deals with the treatment of the human body as an object of desire. The work points out an essential impossibility of sexual pleasure from consuming pornographic content of the Worldwide Web. All the pleasure is strictly retinal and its limit is the surface of the computer monitor. The interactivity is just a simulation. Activism (Men/women against every body) succeeds in preventing the consumer's gaze.

The first page invites you to visit a sponsor (a typical banner for a commercial web page!). It leads you to a page with two banners. One advertizes a page with gay content and the other one advertizes a page with lesbian content. Proceeding to the gay page, you see a picture that vanishes as soon as you get to that page. It is replaced with a sign for a missing picture, and then a missing URL message appears. By clicking on the red "refresh" link you get the system error message which is in fact an activist message The lik "details" leads you to an explanation, and the link "close" leads you to the beginning of the "Sponsor".

Proceeding to the lesbian page you see the picture from the art history ("Gabrielle d'Estrees and One of Her Sisters", 1595., anonymous author, France) that invites you to tickle the nipple if you want to proceed. As you tickle it, you can hear the woman sighing and if you press it she screams with pleasure. Pressing the nipple leads you to the system error message similar to the one on the gay page. The rest is similar too.

This work is a variation to the sponsor's banner on the adZ page!

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