........The Best of Serbian Advertising 2001


This is a web page for the non-existent festival of Serbian advertising. It deals with changes in Serbian life after 5 October 2000. It shows that nothing actually changed! It has four parts : tv commercial, video jingle, animated gif and web banner.

TV commercial [GAVRILOVIC] - it is a spoof comercial that deals with homophobia. In a voice-over, you can hear a speech by the priest, Zarko Gavrilovic (translation of the speech: "the god gave them those organs which they want to misuse... so STAND UP AGAINST that hell and satanic evil !!!") and you can see the scenes of violence and indifference from the pride parade. In the end you see the transformed logo of a Croatian meat processing plant, Gavrilovic and their slogan "it's excellent... it's Gavrilovic". Instead of a salami, the girl holds a cut-off penis.

Video jingle [grabbing hands] - it's a ready made that describes power-grabbing in Serbian political and public life. I simply took a few lines of Depeche Mode song "Everything counts"

Animated gif [Otpor] - it shows the illusion of activism in the OTPOR organisation.

Banner [Serbian roulette] - it's the banner that leads you to a different page every time you click on it. (Unfortunately it is made for off-line presentation and you can't actually see those random pages.)

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